Friday, 30 November 2012

The moment you have all been waiting for :)

I also met the lovely Lenna Green and the dahling Janice on the weekend.  I hope Lenna likes what I did to this picture, we had a hidden motive :)
Anyways, back on track.  This is another YEP I have been bitten by the BOM Beetle, and this one is called Garden of Dreams and we will be running this one next year.  It will coincide with May, where Lenna is our pin-up girl for May. 
More on our pin-up girls in the next post......yes yes yes I have been busy, my little brain is so full of ideas it is about to burst.  LUCKY for me I have a wonderful garden of fantastic designers to choose from.
This BOM is stunning, and we will be running it is a fantastic range of fabric.  All things going to plan I will be starting on this along with all the others in January.
Again, if you want to put your name down for this please just email us here.

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