Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A little kiss better.....

Well I was on such a roll with The Magic of Christmas ... but due to a little mishap I wont be making my deadline, well a couple of mishaps really.
First, my beloved Janome 6600 has had to go to the Dr.  I am hoping its not terminal but I should know in a weeks time.
I remember when I was very young, my little dolly had to sent to the Dolls Hospital and she never came home, trauma.......
And the next little mishap is that I pretty much tore off my pinky fingernail, nail bed and all and now it has rendered my hand nearly useless.  Who would of thought a tiny thing as a finger nail would cause so much pain when not attached to the finger.
So, today I am feeling sad and sorry for myself.  BUT eating Smarties is helping a little bit :) and they are helping me stop climbing the walls.
and just remember, it's only 47 sleeps to go.
Mrs C xx


  1. Lots of nerves in the finger, so that hurts, ouch.
    I hope you feel better soon and you can use your hand.
    I love my machine, but the new ones with computers, sure can be a pain when something goes wrong, I might end up buying a cheap one that sews, just for those times.


  2. Oh you poor thing... and so is your machine! Hope both repair quickly. I'm getting excited as we are sooo close to Xmas FuN! :)

  3. I hope your finger heals quickly.

  4. You poor thing... I hope your finger heals quickly. I hope your machine comes home soon too!!! I think you need more than smarties. x

  5. ooowaaaa sounds painful, hope you recover soon.


  6. Hope your fingers recover soon. Take care!

  7. Thank you so much lovely ladies. I have never had a pain like this, who would of thought! But chocolate does help a little :)

  8. OUCH! Now I understand your simple dinner! Hope it heals quickly and that your machine is back really soon! xoxo

  9. Ouch you poor thing. You don't realise how much your little finger impacts on the use of your hand. I am glad Chocolate is helping a little and I hope your Janome makes a full recovery for you really quickly.
    Sending healing hugs xx

  10. You poor thing-- it sounds painful-- hopefully it will heal quickly.

  11. All your lovely thoughts and wishes are working. THANK finger is mending and I am even going to try sewing tonight :).