Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Deadline Looming

A couple of weeks ago I set myself a challenge to finish The Magic of Christmas by Gail Pan in 2 weeks.
I just thought it would be something I could accomplish, but I totally forgot about my daughters 9th birthday party (held early), my sons 18th, and 3 corporate venues to decorate for Christmas!!!
I am not admitting defeat yet, but I am sad to say I am not sure I will make this deadline.
I have completed 7 Blocks of the stitcheries
and sewn 4 of the blocks together
I have 3 more blocks all ready cut and just waiting to be constructed, and I have traced all of the remaining stitcheries and they have been placed nicely in slip folders ready for me to get to them with needle and thread.

So while I may not have this finished by tomorrow I dont think it will be too far away.
If you would like to do this BOM with us here at The Christmas Beetle just drop us a line or phone the shop on (02) 6023 1200.
This BOM will start late November/ early December 2012.

and remember, chocolate is a food group.
Mrs C xxx


  1. Oh it's looking so good so far! Keep on it... you'll make it... fingers crossed! :)

  2. You can do it! You have chocolate!

  3. great stitcheries.....goodluck making your finish line.........

  4. Your stitched motives and blocks look wonderful - good luck with the rest!