Thursday, 18 October 2012

This weeks challenge

So I thought I had a little more time, but I was talking to the gorgeous Chris yesterday and I am now on a deadline to design a quilt, make a quilt, quilt a quilt, bind a quilt and photograph a quilt before early next week.
I am going to be using this in one of our new advertisements in Handmade.
We are really excited about starting up this relationship with this magazine and keep an eye out for many more that are also in the might even see my little noggin in amongst the photos 'giggle giggle'.
I looked around the shop yesterday and came up with these fabrics, they are from Red Rooster and the range is called "Weeds and Tweed's.....let's now get this locomotion on the road and start to get creative.
(needless to say some of the quilts and projects I had on the boil are now on simmer till after this quilt is finished)
Stay tuned for more progressive photos.
Mrs C xxxx

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