Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Doily Swap

I was also in Fee's doily swap this month.  I have just about finished my little creation for my partner Teresa BUT that didnt stop me from opening my little parcel that also arrived yesterday.
What we had to do was send a doily, an embroidered doily and some buttons and some ribbon to our partner who would then make them into something wonderful.
Teresa has really outdone herself in what she has made me.
There was a little purse - for all my patchwork shopping spondoolies for the Adelaide trip in March :)
and there was also a sewing pouch where there was a pair of scissors and some pins added as a little extra touch AND an angel pin for me to wear in the shop.
Teresa I love these thank you for making them for me.
Now I best get back to work so I can get home so I can finish my projects.
Mrs C xxx


  1. what gorgeous work,a lovely gift to receive Michele.xx

  2. Lovely! Just like Teresa is :)

  3. Teresa has made you such a lovely gift.

  4. Wonderful creations, Teresa is a great master!


  5. I'm so glad you like what I made for you Michele. Your parcel arrived today and I was so excited.. Christmas already!!! I love, love, love what you made me... thank you xx