Wednesday, 3 October 2012

12 Inch Swap - Spring

Today I posted off my 12 inch quilt to my swap buddy.  The theme was 'spring' and to me spring used to mean getting out our beloved beetle, Molly and go for a drive with the top down.
So I hand drew Molly and the appliqued it onto a white background.  I then hand embroidered some flower stems and little daisys.
The next step was to make some yoyo's to be used as the flowers themselves.  Molly is then framed with some hand drawn flowers with yoyo's in the centre.
I hope my swap buddy likes this little quilt and the story behind it.

Mrs C xx


  1. oh this is gorgeous,lucky swap partner.xx

  2. Told you before it!

  3. That is a cute piece. I did one with a beetle as a memory piece.


  4. Hello Mrs C, I have just come home from a long waited Quilting Retreat...on the bench a parcel....thankyou so the mini and the story behind it...thankyou....I have a 1960 Morris blue with a dove grey your little quilt means alot to me...I tried to add on your site as a follower....and unable to do so....Warm Regards, Lyn