Wednesday, 3 October 2012

82 Days till Christmas Giveaway

We are in the mood for giveaways here at The Christmas Beetle.
So this months giveaway is a bundle of goodies.
First: this gorgeous pattern by Meme's Quilts called Flower Power.

This panel from Sandy Gervais and 5 fat 1/8's from our selection of fabric here in the store.
So what have you got to loose?
All you have to do is share a funny sewing story with us to go into the draw.
Love to all,
Mrs C xxx


  1. Funny.........frustrating........who knows? I guess my funny one would have to be one day in winter when I was trying to sew and had to have the cat cuddled on my lap because that is the only place she wanted to be and she ended up covered with bits of thread and fabric :)

  2. one that i thought was funny was when my 1st grand-daughter seen me cleaning my false teeth and she picked them up and wanted to put them in her mouth and her mother (my DD1) nearly having a fit,i couldnt stop laughing.xx

  3. Thank you for this cute giveaway!
    Well, the most funny story I have is that once I ordered a wonderful panel from a shop, at somehow managed to order 2 instead 1, and when it arrived I found the same one in stash :)


  4. Hello Michele,

    A lovely giveaway. I have sewn my stitching to myself. Nothing like getting attached to your work!!

    Happy days.

  5. I once made a "set" of sewing pals then discovered I made them in the wrong colour for my partner. The funny thing is I now use them ALL the time as they were green... and that's MY favourite colour! :)

  6. I was making some shorts for my eldest and overlocked them wrong sides together! After finally unpicking all the stitching I did the same thing again!

  7. Very lovely giveaway again this time :)
    Hmm.. I used to sew in the midnight, in the dark where my son and hubby are sleeping. I seldom power on the light too. So, one time my hubby woke up in the night and he was shocked and thought I am a ghost.

  8. My son complains that I never sit and watch him playing computer games, so I reply " the day you sit and watch me sew, i'll come watch you play!" I am still waiting.

  9. I am with De- funny/frustrating? I have stuck post-it notes all over my sewing machine to remind myself of things
    for example
    -Is the needle in the right position?- because some nuff designed my machine so if I don't move the needle from the default postion and I try to sew with a 1/4" foot I break yet another needle and I ALWAYS forget :)
    -Are the sides facing the side they should?- because I have managed to sew so many pieces with incorrect sides together at least 3 times in a row! It is a production line, sew, unpick, pin, sew, oops not again,

    So now my machine looks very cheerful covered with bright notes AND they make me giggle remembering the nonsense I can get up to:)
    oh and they work- so hopefully funny, perhaps bizarre and yet brilliant!