Thursday 28 June 2012

A pattern that we have in store is by Coach House Designs titled Christmas in Paris. I have been working on a shop sample of this quilt and here is a peek-a-boo. I find this quilt teaches me a lot, things such as patience, fine stitching on my applique, be careful as to the amount of glue you use, always make sure your fingers do not have chocolate residue on them before you pick up your stitching....lots and lots of lessons.

I am always looking for new things to play with and complete. This quilt is done in French General Fa La La La La and a few of our ladies have already fallen in love with this and purcahsed the kit.

We have the pattern in store and 1 kit made up in the French General Fabric (this is now getting harder and harder to find). Our pattern is $17.00 and the kit (does not include wadding, backing or binding) is $260.00.

Friday 22 June 2012

I don't know if you are like me but I just can not seem to focus on one project at a time. I have so many things on the go, all at different stages, but nontheless all on the go at the same time.

They might range at any given time from a stitchery, sewing the binding onto a quilt, drafting up a pattern, or some needleturn applique that has its own special place next to my chair in the lounge room.

I'm not sure why I said all that, I am guessing it was to justify why I am starting another project over the weekend. We have had in store some panels from Kathy Schmitz and I really think it is about time we showed them off for what they really are, scrumdidiliumpius.

This black panel has printed stitcheries all over it and focuses on 3 colours, black, cream and red. I am BUSTING at the seems to make a start. I have going through my head, a tote bag, a journal cover and a wall hanging and this is me only thinking about it for the last few minutes. No NO wait maybe some pin cushions and other sewing bits and pieces to be placed lovingly is a sewing room, the possibilities are endless.

I hope to have something fantasmigorical to show you all next week.

Keep the joy in your heart, Lovingly Mrs C xx

Thursday 21 June 2012

I am starting to get ready for our Christmas in July Celebrations. We are having 2 for the shop and 1 at home this year. Every year I try and come up with something thats a little different. I am, however, a real fan of Nigella Lawson and the food she whips up that just looks perfectly and delightfully effortless. I even went and purchased, what I fondly call, my Nigella dress, to wear while I'm in the kitchen making all the yummies for Christmas dinner. It's a bright red dress with while polkadots all over it and yes it does have a plunging neckline (very daring for me).

No matter how hard I try I always cook too much, I just cant seem to help myself, and that brings me to the title of this blog, Christmas Leftovers.

After making some gorgeous quilts, even if I do say so myself, for the store I found I had some materials left over, just like Boxing Day in our home. I started to make up a quilt which I am fondly calling 'Christmas Leftovers'. So far it is only made up of 1/2 square triangles and today I am hoping to start on the first border.

So I hope you will travel through my Christmas Leftovers with me over the next couple of weeks.

Friday 15 June 2012

I am loving this quilt. I am slowly building our Block of the Month sample here in the store and I am so pleased with how this quilt is coming along and you will be too.

Christmas In Italy is by Lenna Green of Little Green Cottage.

There are a few options on how you can join our club.

1) Joining up for the full Block of The Month - 1st month is $55.00 + postage and Months 2 - 10 are $33.50 per month + postage.

We debit your credit card on the 1st of every month and post your set to you that way you don't have to keep remembering and it is like getting a Christmas present every month over a 10 month period. Oh and speaking of Christmas presents, you also get a little something in every pack as a gift from us. You cannot complain about that now.

2) Purchase the full set of patterns + Jelly Roll (Sentiments by 3 Sisters) at $180.00 (this option alone saves you $20)

3) Purchase the full set of patterns at $160.00

You will not be disappointed in Lenna's dedication to detail, her simple to understand instructions and diagrams. Come on, join us today in travelling through the landscape of Italy while making this quilt.

Thursday 14 June 2012

This is our Merry and Bright panel quilt. I am just about done with the binding and then its all set to be hung in its new home in our shop.

We will be selling this in both just the panel and also in a kit form. The kit will cost $45 and will include the panel, pattern and material to make the top of this quilt.

We hope you like this as much as we do.

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Wednesday 13 June 2012

I dont know about you but there is a shortage of hours in the day when I want to sit and sew. I understand life getting in the way, I mean, it's supposed to right? But between living and sleeping I sometimes find myself thinking I wish I had a 'pause' button just so I could press it and slip into my sewing cave for a few hours and then no-one would be the wiser.

I have been working on this wall hanging quilt and Im just about finished, only the machine quilting to go.

The thing I just love about Meme's patterns is that they are so simple just turn out so amazingly stunning. We have a large selection of Meme's patterns instore direct from Sherri in the States.

They are different, original and very easy to complete.