Thursday 20 December 2012

The fabrics have arrived

With only 2 days to go till we shut the doors and make a move to our new premises, I was getting a little anxious that the range of fabrics we had chosen for our next BOM would not be here till the New Year.

Gail's Berries and Bluebirds lends itself to so many fabric options I did have a lot of fun looking around to find a range that would look AWESOME!.

Wingin' It by Buggy Barn for Henry Glass Fabrics is the range we have chosen.  I mixed it up with a bit of Etchings from Moda and of couse some creamy delights that we have in the store.

I am a bit partial to the teals and greys, and this, among a lot of other projects, will be in my hot little hands for the month of January.

My aim to to keep you up to date with my sewing adventures during my month off, and I hope you all get a bit of sewing time yourselves.

Mrs C xx

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Christmas Cake baking

It's that time of year when I turn on the kitchen fairy lights, put on my red apron, get out the mixing bowl, dutch cocoa, tia maria, and all the other bits and pieces to make Nigella's Chocolate Fruit Christmas Cake.
This is last years photo and this cake was devine!
I have the chocolate coated coffee beans ready for the top, thanks to my friend Christine from Kinglake.
This is such a simple cake to make and you can find the recipe HERE!
This is a moist, chocolatey, devine cake that will be sure to impress your friends and family this Christmas Season.
OH and it is one of the EASIEST cakes I have ever made.
Try it this year, go on you know you want to.....
Mrs C xxxxx

Saturday 15 December 2012

WE have a winner and I can't copy and paste to save myself....

well I was going to put everybodies name in a hat and draw a winner but we had 115 entries in our giveaway :)
I was going to be so clever and copy and past the auto number generator page and then put it in this post so you could see that our winner was drawn fairly....
BUT it didn't matter what I did the auto number generator would only have the number 100 in it... :(
So you will just have to take my word for this...


our winner is DELORES FAGEN....congratulations Delores and I truly hope you enjoy all your goodies.
I will be in contact soon to get your postal details.

I want to thank every single one of you in participating in this little competition, and I want to thank The Quilting Gallery for organising it.
May you have a blessed and Merry Christmas this year.
Mrs C xxxxx


Our final entry in our competitions was a post by Lynda at 4:19 (australian eastern standard time).....I'm off to find the winner STAY TUNED.....

Friday 14 December 2012

Stitching when able

During the day when I can catch a breath I just love to sit behind the counter and listen to the kids in the primary school laugh at play while I stitch and stitch away on the shops latest sample.
This one is called Reindeer Fun.
I think the final quilt will have red stitchery, red fabric and red binding....why? cause it is so close to Christmas RED IS THE colour of the big mans suit.....I think thats a good enough reason ... OH Im cheeky today.
This is an easy pattern, fun and easy to follow.
We have the pattern here in the store and if you want a kit made up, you know all you have to do is ask......
And you know what? any one who would like a pattern or a kit and orders before 22nd December 2012 will get FREE POSTAGE!
The pattern is $18.00 (including postage)
and the kit to make the quilt top with binding is $90.00 (including postage!!!)
the quilt when finished will measure approx 46 x 46 inches. (117 x 117 cms)
MERRY CHRISTMAS and dont forget to scroll down and enter our BLOG HOP GIVEAWAY!
Mrs C xxx

Sunday 9 December 2012

Blog hopping and prizes

When we found out our friend Michele over at The Quilting Gallery was hosting a blog hop we couldn't HELP but hop along :)

As part of the blog hop we are running a competition here at The Christmas Beetle.  All you have to do to be in the running to win the following:

A Christmas Story pattern book by Anni Downs,
A Meme's quilt pattern (in a Christmas theme),
A Gail Pan pattern (in a Christmas theme),
A Hugs and Kisses pattern (also in a Christmas theme),

is to comment here on our blog and tell us about a Christmas Tradition you and your family have.
I love to hear about traditions, they mean alot to our family and I can't wait to hear about yours.
Merry Christmas to everyone, be blessed and stay safe this Christmas.
Mrs C xxxxx.

Thursday 6 December 2012

Friday Night Sew In

I really need this to get me moving on some Christmas bits and pieces, do you need it as well?
if sew :) join us by visiting Cheryll and signing up.

I have to make 2 of these quilts by the end of the weekend for customers.
This should get me a good way through before the weekend starts :)
Mrs C xx

A week of presents.......

I dont know about you but I just love to get presents.  I mean dont get me wrong, giving is great, but when its your birthday week, receiving is just AWESOME!
Today I was greeted by the postman with a present from my friend De.  I was so excited I just ripped into the gifts and here is what I found

A box of HOMEMADE biscuits and some tea bags.... (now I know why she asked me 'how would you post homemade biscuits?)......

A sweet toothbrush holder in the form of a LADYBIRD! love love love it, a follow your dreams plaque to sit in my sewing roon, and a lovely hanging plaque to also place in my sewing room.....

I was so excited I didnt even stop to save the paper, SORRY DE :(

The next thing to walk into my store today were the orders from the Koolaman girls when they were here last month.

I, again, ripped into this parcel, and here is my pendant ..... with all the names of my children.  This is as close to going under the Christmas tree that this will get as it is already around my neck.

A pretty great way to start the day dont you think? And Im ending the day with a date with The Grinch before he flies out to Adelaide tomorrow.  AAAHHHHHHH........