Tuesday, 26 February 2013

WOW what a weekend that was

I don't know about you but there are times when my to do list is longer than I can manage.
I was a pretty diligent girl this past weekend with my sewing,
I sewed in front of the television, beside the pool and in the car and these are some of the bits and pieces I managed to get done.

This is a sweet Advent Calendar by Judy Golder and you move the little Santa along as you count down the days.....

This is the start of one of Gail Pan's patterns of a needlecase that we have in store.
Another pattern by Gail coming along, I only have one more little stitchery to go on this one.
and this is what we have for dessert on Saturday night, the pastry on these puffs up and they we put big dollops of ice-cream on the top and it just melted away into the middle with the cinnamon apple.....YUMMO!
Well, I hope to have lots more to show you come the end of this week.....
Mrs C xxx

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