Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter

I have just only begun to reorganise our website.  A lot is to be done with updated stock and inventory.  THIS JOB is going to be HUGE!
Do you ever have a job that is just so overwhelming that you just want to cry? I mean is it this job or is the 4 cups of coffee I have had today, OR is it all the chocolate I have eaten?
Who knows but this is my lot for this week.
This is a mammoth effort and I have no idea how long this will take or how many hours it is going to require.
Starting our stock levels from scratch and just rebuilding seems to be the only way to go.....
that means, unrolling and measuring every bolt of fabric.....
I am not a computer geek, I do not pretend to understand computers, all I know is at times, well a lot of the time there are not what I would call USER FRIENDLY!!!!
I am praying that there are some elves out there with time on their hands this week to help me......surely surely surely :)
So with another coffee in one hand, a bunch of chocolate in a bowl on the side, here I go with my cutting board as my measure, and scanner armed we are off to REDO this website once and for all!!!!!
Mrs C xx


  1. Good luck and I think all you can do with overwhelming jobs is just begin....oh and make sure the chokkies are in reach.
    Hugs x