Friday, 14 December 2012

Stitching when able

During the day when I can catch a breath I just love to sit behind the counter and listen to the kids in the primary school laugh at play while I stitch and stitch away on the shops latest sample.
This one is called Reindeer Fun.
I think the final quilt will have red stitchery, red fabric and red binding....why? cause it is so close to Christmas RED IS THE colour of the big mans suit.....I think thats a good enough reason ... OH Im cheeky today.
This is an easy pattern, fun and easy to follow.
We have the pattern here in the store and if you want a kit made up, you know all you have to do is ask......
And you know what? any one who would like a pattern or a kit and orders before 22nd December 2012 will get FREE POSTAGE!
The pattern is $18.00 (including postage)
and the kit to make the quilt top with binding is $90.00 (including postage!!!)
the quilt when finished will measure approx 46 x 46 inches. (117 x 117 cms)
MERRY CHRISTMAS and dont forget to scroll down and enter our BLOG HOP GIVEAWAY!
Mrs C xxx

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