Thursday, 9 August 2012

Friends SWAP 2012

Yesterday when I opened the store, the lovely man in the business next door asked “are all these boxes for you? Do you get presents all the time working in this shop?”.  I had to say, unfortunatley no, all of the boxes that arrive are for the store and none are for me personally, but it is like Christmas.  I was then talking with my husband later on in the day and saying, I wish one of these boxes was for me somedays.

NEXT MINUTE – The lovely postie walked through the door with a parcel JUST FOR ME!!!! My swap buddy De’s parcel had arrived. I promised myself I would not open it, I really wanted to wait until De had hers so that we could at least open around the same time.  But I was given permission, THANKFULLY, because the suspense was killing me.  Here are some pictures of the lovely gifts I received.

F – Flowers of Friendship quilt to hang on my wall.
R – A red work stitchery to do.
I – Ipad cover, sorry that is at home keeping my ipad safe…will post that photo tonight.
E – YUMMY Eclairs and embroidery thread.
D – A gorgesous doilie and some dressed dolly pegs, so darn cute.
S – A knitted scarf, WHICH I wore to work this morning and was complimented on it while doing a spot of grocery shopping.

So now, I wait, I wait with anticipation to see what De thinks of the parcel that is on the way to her. Unfortunately the State of Origin of the Postal Services was won this time by QLD as I received my parcel first…BUT I still win cause I have these gorgeous gifts to play with now and create……I wonder what stitcheries I can come up with?
Thank you to Khris from Sew Prim Khris for organising this.  LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR WORK!
Mrs C xx


  1. So glad you like them! Welcome to your new blog address!

  2. Fantastic to see you on blogspot Michele...makes it easier for me...hugs Khris