Sunday, 23 September 2012

The week that was

Firstly, I apologise for not posting sooner.  I have been searching and searching for my little Canon G12 camera that I took with me to Henty.  Seriously, I have been turning the house and even the shop upside down looking for it.  I had reserved myself to the fact that it had decided to go and live with somebody else from Henty.

That was, until, I looked in a Dust & Boots bag sitting next to the couch in the lounge room,  AND there is was, tucked away with a bunch of doily's that I had purchased.

So here are some of the pictures I took during the week with some of the gorgeous people that we had met in our travels.

This picture of boxes was taken around 8am on Monday morning, when my Head Elf and I started to set up our stall.  It was hard to know exactly what to take with us to Henty out of the shop.

This is what our stall looked like at around 2pm on Monday afternoon, 6 hours after we started setting up.  We really liked the look of our little shop away from the shop.

My Head Elf and I had a great time during our time at Henty sourcing new and interesting things.
We just loved meeting Belinda (affectionately known to us now as 'The Body Shop Lady'..... her stall was right next door to ours.  Belinda is from Wagga Wagga and Head Elf and I are so very tempted to have a Body Shop Bubbles and Beauty party.........

 Head Elf was so taken with the products that she could often be found sitting in Belinda's seat spreading some Christmas Cheer through the Body Shop stall :)

This is one view from our stall,  Beechworth Honey were just across the road,

And the lovely Stacey from Koolaman Designs was just to our right.  Be sure to keep an eye out for an exciting venture with The Christmas Beetle and Koolaman Designs later on in the year.  If you have heard of Koolaman Designs you can check them out here.

Come Thursday at 5:00pm it was time to pack up and head back to Albury.  Ta ta Henty thank you for an interesting week full of fun, laughter, and what we are hoping will be new lifelong friends.

Love and many blessings to all,
Mrs C xxx and Jennifer (Head Elf).

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  1. Your stand looked amazing Michele - wish I could have been there