Friday, 22 June 2012

I don't know if you are like me but I just can not seem to focus on one project at a time. I have so many things on the go, all at different stages, but nontheless all on the go at the same time.

They might range at any given time from a stitchery, sewing the binding onto a quilt, drafting up a pattern, or some needleturn applique that has its own special place next to my chair in the lounge room.

I'm not sure why I said all that, I am guessing it was to justify why I am starting another project over the weekend. We have had in store some panels from Kathy Schmitz and I really think it is about time we showed them off for what they really are, scrumdidiliumpius.

This black panel has printed stitcheries all over it and focuses on 3 colours, black, cream and red. I am BUSTING at the seems to make a start. I have going through my head, a tote bag, a journal cover and a wall hanging and this is me only thinking about it for the last few minutes. No NO wait maybe some pin cushions and other sewing bits and pieces to be placed lovingly is a sewing room, the possibilities are endless.

I hope to have something fantasmigorical to show you all next week.

Keep the joy in your heart, Lovingly Mrs C xx

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